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Benefits of Mail Handler's Health Insurance

As a mail-handler, are you not sure of the health care insurance coverage available for you and your annuitants? Look no more. The MHBP (Mail Handlers Benefit Plan) has the information you need about the benefits available to postal employees. The mail handlers' health insurance plan provides comprehensive benefits to employees and their family members as well as retirees and their family members. There are excellent benefits that will save you money and keep you healthy.

Health insurance is only a few steps away! It's fast, FREE, and easy.

There are varied plans from which to choose. These plans include:

  • Value Plan
  • Consumer Option
  • Standard Option

The health insurance for mail handlers plans provides flexibility on choice of physician, hospital, preventive care, and screenings. Maternity, prenatal and postnatal care is available along with payments for immunization. There are co-payments involved for some plans.

Health insurance for mail handlers works with Medicare

A wealth of savings can be obtained when postal employees purchase Medicare Part A or Part B along with the standard option plan offered with MHBP. There is an excellent coordination of benefits between these two plans. The following are some of the benefits of which members can take advantage:

  • Small prescription co-payments at pharmacies around the nation
  • Save money for 90-day supply of maintenance medications
  • Prescription access while traveling, even internationally
  • Dental insurance benefits
  • Vision care discount plans

You don't have to worry about making the tough decisions when you have the assistance of an unbiased guide, who can help you through the health insurance application process. Whether you're looking for the MHBP, or you want a traditional health insurance plan, we're here to help. You can request a free, no obligation quote through this site today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions regarding health insurance.

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